Finding The Right Blackhead Treatment for Your Skin

how to remove blackheads

Are you tired of spending time at your mirror poking at your face? I’m willing to say you’re probably wondering how to remove blackheads. Blackheads are small plugs of solid oil and dead skin that become stuck in your pores. Given they are often found around your hairs they appear dark.

Blackheads can be barely noticeable, but they give the skin an overall rough look. If you’re encountering these little black dots, the best thing you can do is arm yourself with knowledge about how to remove blackheads.

Which blackheads treatment is best for your skin?

Will any of these products actually get rid of my blackheads?

We know that the last thing you want to do is waste your money.


A lot of people seem to believe that just washing your skin is an effective way to keep blackheads away when in reality it doesn’t. In fact, if you get in the habit of washing your face too much you can cause your skin to dry out.

As a matter of fact, to counter this dryness, your skin will produce more oil!

Increased oil on your skin will cause the blackheads to get worse, not better.

Whenever you have blackheads important not to wash your face more than twice daily, and while washing be gentle on your skin. Using warm water and soaps that are good for your skin, remember not to apply too much force on your skin, try to avoid scrubbing.

A soft cloth is recommended, also to keep your skin happy, maybe consider dabbing your face dry.

When trying to find out how to remove blackheads, one of the most popular products is adhesive strips. Adhesive strips are laid over your nose. Some need you to peel off a piece of film in order toexpose the adhesive underneath.

While some need to be wet before you apply them, You wait for these to become hardened on your nose.

You can then peel them off, removing blackheads with it!

Just using these strips alone will not get rid of all of the blackheads, however, it will remove a decent bit of them. For many people, this is the most convenient way for them to take care of blackheads, it doesn’t take much time and they are often found for pretty cheap!


When using adhesive strips as your way to remove blackheads, ALWAYS remember to be gentle on your skin!

People who have more sensitive skin, find that using adhesive strips as their way of removing blackheads can be too much on their skin. The strips will leave the skin irritated.

If you do decide to use this blackhead treatment, make sure to wait multiple hours between treatments. Also make sure you moisturize carefully afterward! If you’re looking for a good moisturizer we have a few reviews up for some!how to remove blackheads

One more common treatment used by many is an oil treatment. Similar to fighting fire with fire.

It’s a very common practice by many to remove blackheads while moisturizing your face.

STEP 1: Massage coconut oil, olive oil or even walnut oil into your face.

Let the oils soak into your skin; many people find this part of the treatment fairly relaxing!

STEP 2: Take a hot, slightly damp towel, hold over your face for about 60 seconds.

This will open your pores and allow the oil you have placed on your face to draw the dead skin cells and solid oils away from your skin.

STEP 3: After 60 secods, you can simply clean off your face, removing all the oils! Your skin will look and feel great!

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Of course, if you have a serious case of blackheads,it’s never a bad idea to speak with a dermatologist.