Pure Biology Clay Blackhead Removal Face Mask Review

The Best Blackhead Remover Mask?

Reviewer: Luhk Fea

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I’ve used Pure Biology “Total Eye” Anti Aging Eye Cream and really liked the results, I might make a review on that as well soon! More to the point, I’ve had a good track record with this brand. So while looking for a good face mask I stumbled upon the Pure Biology Clay Blackhead Face Mask I’ve wasted so much money going through many facial masks in the past trying to find the right one for me. Once I started using the Clay Mask for about a week there weren’t that big of changes. I thought…

“Oh well I guess I wasted my money again, great.” 


However, I didn’t stop trying! and I’m so glad I kept trying it! It didn’t feel like a total waste though as I still noticed a lot of my acne had gone away after around two weeks of use. Now after using it for a month, I can honestly say this is the best facemask for the price range.

Like I said before I’ve wasted many weeks and much of my hard earned money on products that never worked. So having something like this come along feels like a game changer!


Things I liked about this face mask…

  • The mask goes on very smooth
  • It will save you from having to worry about acne or blackheads!
  • It doesn’t feel too thick
  • It smells really good!
  • It has made my skin noticeably brighter!
  • No leftover oils on your skin after use!

Things I didn’t like about this face mask…

  • It took about 2 weeks for me to see real results


 Even my friends are noticing! Not to mention how good it makes your skin feel. My only real downside is that it took about a month for me to see significant results, but there was most definitely an improvement around the two-week mark!

The best part is there are no oils left behind from the face mask! Overall I would say if you are in the need for a great facemask that is great for blackhead removal and treating acne. This is your best bet! If you plan on getting yourself a jar of this stuff, be sure to use the link below to get FREE shipping! Who doesn’t like saving some money?

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What Others Are Saying About This Face Mask…


“I love this clay facial mask! It smells amazing like refreshing, cool cucumbers. It is also very moisturizing surprisingly. It isn’t the type of clay mask that dries and turns rock hard on your skin making your skin feel uncomfortable, This mask is purifying and moisturizing so it is great for dry skin. It stays soft so it is easy to… [READ MORE]


“Great Product! I love the smell it’s fresh and like a grassy cucumber smell I’m not quite sure how to explain. After applying it I felt the tingly feeling all over my face that I LOVE. The tingling subsides and the mask washes off easily. After just one use my face felt clean and rejuvenated. It’s amazing plus no strong chemically smell or burn… [READ MORE] 


The Best Blackhead Remover Mask?
  • Pure Biology Clay Blackhead Removal Face Mask

Product Description

A TRULY UNIQUE CLAY MASK – This facial mask combines a pure Bentonite Clay base & proven cleansing ingredients with NaturePep™ Pea, a proprietary extract clinically shown to correct skin defects, while creating a significant brightening and smoothing effect; 91% natural; Non-GMO; paraben/cruelty free.

TOTAL EFFECTS CLEANSING - Formulated to deeply cleanse and detoxify while correcting a wide variety of skin imperfections, including: visible pores, dark & red spots, acne scars, blackheads & excess oil.

INSTANT ILLUMINATION - Our formulation is infused with NaturePep™ Pea, a breakthrough peptide ingredient that has been clinically shown to brighten and smooth skin texture. A noticeably more luminous and youthful glow are often realized as quickly as the first application.

THE SCIENCE OF NATUREPEP™ PEA - This proprietary, formulated extract from the pisum sativum (peapod) interferes with the overproduction of skin melanin caused by exposure to UV and environmental free radicals. This allows skin pigment to return to a balanced state, promoting a brighter and more even complexion.

IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Designed for gentle, yet deep and effective cleansing without drying or irritating. Even the most sensitive skin is unlikely to experience irritation. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin.